About Us

Virtual Assistants for your Business

Starting up and managing a small business can be a challenge, so can maintaining a work - life balance. In today’s hectic world, “Not Enough Time to do Tasks” is a problem worth solving as it helps you follow your passions and gives you the freedom from doing the routine monotonous tasks that can be taken care by someone else.

What We Offer

We can help you with your work or personal tasks- it’s up to you to decide! Afterall, you don’t need to do what we can do for you!

Administration & Executive Tasks

Personal Assistance

Manage Organize Emails

Data Entry

Online Marketing

Travel Planning

Online Research


Scheduling & Planning

Arranging Meetings

Sales Emails

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Graphics Design

Online Shopping

Website Design & Development

Website Maintenance


What We Don’t Do

There are a few things we feel are best if left to professionals. While the list is small, below is what we cannot do for you

In-Person Tasks
We only work virtually and cannot be physically present to perform a task.
Legal, Accounting & HR
We have a network of Lawyers who we can recommend but cannot undertake these tasks for you.
Content Creation
Our content creation will be limited to Social Media Plans any content apart from that will have to come from you.
Sales Calls
We believe that sales calls are best when personalised and it is a relation that is built with the customer. We think it is best left to your sales team.
Full Time Receptionist
Our Assistants will be happy to receive calls for you once in a while but at this moment we do not encourage full time receptionist inquiries.

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